Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best Recipes of 2014

Just want to start with a shout out to all of you who have joined me for this food blog adventure.  It is a very exciting and challenging endeavor for me. And one which would be nothing without you!

There are some parts of this journey that come easy for me…that would be the cooking part; and other parts that are more challenging, like writing down recipes, for example, as clearly I'm prone to improvising.

Beyond that, I am continually learning about marketing…like when and what you are more likely to read.  Unbeknowst to you, your reading behaviors are continually shaping the future of my blog.

And then there is the computer piece, which involves linking and connecting (spoken like a true IT amatuer), I even added my own code to my blog for the cookie exchange, which was pretty exciting for a novice like me.  So, I am ever-broadening my horizons and pushing my limits with this blog.

It was around last year at this time that the idea to start a blog dawned on me.  For the first few weeks, Jerry and I brainstormed name ideas and I wanted to get a head start on my recipe repertoire.  

I posted my first blog on Feb 19th and have been going strong ever since, posting 106 entries in 2014.

The best part of being a blogger is that it is something that I can do from home and that my family is actively apart of.  They love to help brainstorm recipe ideas, help out in the kitchen and happily take pictures whenever asked.  A mother's dream job.  

I always said that if I were to start my own business, I would want it to be family oriented and this blog has encompassed everything I was looking for into one exciting adventure.

Now, with that being said…there are lots of great recipes on this blog and it is interesting to let each one run it's course to see what is the most popular with readers.

I must admit that some of these that made the top ten, were a bit of a surprise to me and many of my favorites didn't resonate with you.  But that's what keeps this blogging interesting.

So, let's get this top 10 recipes of 2014 party started…


I was excited when I came across this inspiration in the Kraft Food & Family magazine. 
Cheesecake is daunting to me, but whipping up all of the flavors into 
a fruit salad is just my style!  

Can't wait to whip this up again next summer, 
although I'm sure I'll find a new spin to put on it.  


Crazy enough, I think this inspiration came from the Kraft Food & Family magazine as well. 
Although, I am just about always revising recipes to make them gluten free
and oatmeal as the binder in these meatballs works great!  

I love everything about them, 
the flavor, the texture and that they are a healthy appetizer. 

I know that Jerry is looking forward to another flavor profile for these as well.  


This is certainly one of those recipes that surprised me by it's popularity. 
Maybe it's because I have generally been turned off by the name Jambalaya…
not that I wouldn't eat it…
but it never even crossed my mind to make it.

Was it the slow cooker concept that caught your attention?

Inquiring minds want to know.  


Thankfully, this one did not disappoint!  

I totally dreamt this one up as I went along just starting with pumpkin muffin concept.

I always love the texture that oatmeal brings to baked goods
and I was searching for something just a little different to make these standout.  

Kinda makes you want pumpkin season back,
doesn't it?


I'm still pretty impressed with this recipe. 
Clearly it was before we decided to go the gluten free route…

Another recipe that Jerry and I just made up as we went along.  
Brainstormed foods and flavors that reminded us of Ireland.  

It has me excited to get something equally tasty in the works for this year.  

If you haven't tried it yet, 
come back for the recipe in mid-March!  


This was just my second recipe posted, 
so the fact that it has hung out in the top 10 for most of the year is an impressive feat!  

These were tasty and delicious, 
steaks seem to be one of my areas for improvement…
but these did not disappoint. 


I mean, really, this recipe speaks for itself!
Delicious crispy, smokey bacon wrapped around lean juicy and chicken
with crisp asparagus bundles nestled inside. 

It is like the perfect clash of healthy and indulgent. 


This recipe was very intimidating for me. 
We have all read about the cauliflower craze, but when it came down to making it,
I was a little nervous that it wasn't going to turn out.  

My family was impressed and
I know I heard from plenty of readers that their families couldn't even tell.  


Nothing against this recipe, 
it is delicious and all, 
but I'm going to chalk up this recipes success 
to some good marketing. 
(I'm finally learning some tricks!)

This bake is not limited to holidays, but anytime you want a nice hearty and easy breakfast. 
There is always room to incorporate some veggies in it as well. 

Might make this again for my family ice fishing tournament next weekend. 


Last, but not least…
this recipe is just a fabulous, healthy, quick and easy
week night dish. 

Everything is one pot and under 30 minutes. 

I'm no Rachel Ray, 
but I know how to make a quick meal when I need to. 

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane with the top recipes of 2014. 

Now you have all of these fabulous recipes in one quick place. 

Can't wait to see what makes the top 10 this year.