Monday, August 25, 2014

Grilled Buffalo Wings - gluten free

Not even sure where to start with these wings.  They were so good, so easy and so delicious!

Just the gluten-free wing recipe I have been waiting for!

This might be the first time I've made wings, avoiding them out fear of complexity but these are so easy and guy-approved that I anticipate them being requested frequently in my house, except they will be asking for more!

And, here are the few, simple ingredients that it took to make these fabulous, gluten free
Grilled Buffalo Wings!

To start nearly 2.5# of wings, lay them out on a well-sprayed sheet of foil on a pre-heated grill.
400 F is the ideal temp, but these turned out just fine a little lower than that.

Grill for about 20 minutes, turning once. 

While the wings were getting started, 
1/4 of Franks Red Hot Sauce and 1 tsp garlic powder were added to 1 cup of mayonnaise 
to make the perfect grilling sauce. 

Reserving about a cup of the Buffalo Sauce,
 the rest of it was brushed on the wings that were grilling away. 

See how lovely that sauce cooks down!  
I was quite pleased

After 5 minutes or so, the wings were flipped 
and the other side was sauced for the last 5 minutes. 

The great thing about these wings, sauced and on foil, was that they weren't likely to dry out
in the event that they were overcooked. 

The skin, the sauce, the foil all were protecting the moisture of the wings! 

While the wings were finishing up, 
about 1/2 cup of ranch dressing was added to the reserved buffalo sauce to serve with the wings.  

These wings were stacked on a plate and devoured in no time!

I know next time I'll be making a double batch. 

2.5# of chicken wings
1/4 of Franks Red Hot Sauce
1 tsp garlic powder 
1 cup of mayonnaise 
1/2 cup of ranch dressing

Preheat grill to 400F. 
Line grill with aluminum foil and spray generously. 
Lay out wings, cook for 20 minutes, turning once. 
  • Make sauce by combining mayo, hot sauce and garlic powder. Reserve half for serving.

After 20 minutes, brush with buffalo sauce and grill for another 5 minutes. 
Flip and slather the buffalo sauce to the other side. 
Grill for 5 more minutes, until fully cooked.
  • Add ranch dressing to the reserved buffalo sauce for dipping.

Serve 'em up and assure your wing-lovers that you'll be making more!