Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bacon Bleu Burgers topped with Herb and Carmelized Onion Mayo

Ok, fine, the cat is out of the bag.

We don't always eat healthy...

But, when we do indulge, we are sure to save it for ourselves, uh, protect our children from it. Yeah, right, that's what we do.

Truth be told, it was a rare occasion when all three kids were gone and when I asked Jerry what he wanted for dinner he said steaks or burgers.

No brainer for me...Burgers it is!

I enjoy a good steak, when someone else prepares it for me, but I'm no connoisseur of selecting or preparing a good steak, so I'd rather leave that to the professionals.

Besides, there are so many good fun things to do with burgers!

And a steak wouldn't leave me with much to share with y'all.

It didn't take long to scan my mental burger wish list and come up with these amazing babies...Bacon Bleu Burgers.

And, here Jerry just thought he was getting plain-Jane burgers…boy was he wrong! 

Starting with the most obvious AND delicious ingredient
fried up 4 slices of heaven, uh, I mean bacon

Crumbled the bacon into a bowl with the 1# ground beef and about a cup of crumbled bleu cheese. 
Also added 1 tsp of seasoning salt, which was completely unnecessary.  

Combine all of that deliciousness. 

Divide into 4 patties and throw on to grill (or grill pan, as the case may be). 

While the burgers were cooking, sliced up some leftover onion. 

Thought that some caramelized onions would be a nice topper. 

I was right!!! 

They cooked down and browned right up! 

Another fabulous topping could be some herbed mayo.  

Snipped some fresh basil and parsley from my deck,
Gave them a rough chop and mixed them into about a cup of mayo.  

Nice fresh condiment to compliment the burger. 

(The left over onions were mixed in for an even better sauce!)

Here is my burger, with the onions mixed right in the mayo…
(See how Jerry gets the fancy plate too!)

So fabulous!  


Yield: 4 - .25 lb burgers

4 slices of bacon
1# ground beef 
1 cup of crumbled bleu cheese

Half of an onion - sliced

1 cup mayo
handful of fresh herbs (basil and parsley)

Cook and crumble bacon. 
Combine bacon, bleu cheese and ground beef. 
Divide into 4 burgers and grill until done. 

Brown the onion for a burger topper or mayo ingredient. 

Chop up fresh herbs and stir into mayo.