Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I don't know about you, but I have always been a big fan of cupcakes.

Not sure why, but in my mind, those individual serve cakes taste so much better than a full size cake.

Perhaps, eating with my hands gives me a license to lick my fingers.  Maybe, the individual serving size carries less guilt.

For whatever reason, they are my favorite form of cake and I am elated when anyone asks for cupcakes in place of cake for their special occasion.

This year Alayna wanted her cupcakes in an ice cream cone for her 10th birthday.  The last time I did that, she was two, so this was the first time she will remember them.

Not only that, she is practically old enough to do it all herself, especially since we took the easy way out and used a box mix.

I do find a certain sense of accomplishment in pulling together all of my own ingredients, especially so that I can hand select them and adjust as I see fit, but sometimes these cake mixes are just the most practical option, especially when I may have left all of the details for the day of.

The real novelty in this recipe was a new process.  Rather than the obvious approach of pouring the batter into the cones and struggling to keep them upright while loading them into the oven, we used the cupcake tins, well sprayed, I might add, filled them with batter and then topped them with an inverted cake cone.

Despite being slightly lop-sided, they still stood just fine and were much easier to manage than the last time I made them, using the more conventional method.

So, she whipped up the batter, according to the box instructions.

Sprayed the cupcake pan well, to ensure the easy release out of the oven.

Placed an inverted cone over the half-filled reservoirs.

Baked according to instructions.

Cooled, frosted and served.

Thankfully they are almost all gone so that I'm not tempted to eat anymore of those tasty little bites.