Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup with Sweet Potato

Hooray for December and all of the wonderful things that come along with it!  

The excitement of Christmas is alive in our house and 
I'm so thankful that so far
 (I know, it is still early!)
I am able to fend off being overwhelmed and just take a deep breath, 
add another item to my to do list and 
savor the joy that comes with each holiday activity.  

As we bounce from the tree to the lights, 
from the cookies to the decorations,
from the cards to the gifts…
there isn't much time left for cooking, 
so I'll try to help you out and
keep the meal ideas coming!  

This hearty, creamy chicken soup was a huge hit, 
the contrasting flavors and textures of the rice and sweet potatoes,
really hit the spot!  

It was even requested for deer camp, 
so I guess that means it is man-approved.  

First things first…
1# of chicken was cut into cubes, 
seasoned with 1/2 tsp poultry seasoning and
sautéed over medium heat in 1-2 tbsp of olive oil.

When the chicken was cooked thoroughly,
1 cup of white n wild rice blend
along with 1-2 cups of cubed sweet potatoes 
were added to the stock pot.  

Four cups of chicken broth 
were added and brought to a boil,
simmered for about 20 minutes
while the rice and potatoes softened.  

To be honest, 
you could stop right here and you would have a fabulous soup
in about 30 minutes. 

My family doesn't get creamy stuff very often, 
so when I offered to thicken this up, 
they didn't think twice. 

So, to make the roux, 
2 tbsp of butter were melted 
and 1/4 cup of flour was whisked together.
(I used soy, but you can use all-purpose, if you prefer)

One half cup of milk is also added. 

Whisk continuously over medium-low heat
until the protein in the soy flour is denatured, or cooked, 
and thickens to nearly a paste.

Add it to the stock pot,
when the rice and sweet potatoes are cooked.

Stir it all up and
there you have a nice creamy base for your soup. 


Cook Time : 45 minutes
Serves: 6

1# of chicken 
1/2 tsp poultry seasoning
1-2 tbsp of olive oil
1 cup of White n Wild rice blend (any kind of rice will work just fine!)
1-2 cups of cubed sweet potatoes 
4 cups of chicken broth 
2 tbsp of butter 
1/4 cup of flour (I used soy, but all-purpose would work too!)
1/2 cup of milk

  • Heat 1-2 tbsp of cooking oil over medium heat. 
  • Add cubed chicken and cook until no more pink. 
  • Add rice, sweet potatoes and chicken broth. 
  • Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes or until rice is cooked. 
  • To make the roux, melt butter and whisk in flour. 
  • Then add milk and whisk constantly until the mixture thickens to a paste. 
  • Add the roux to the soup. 
  • Stir and serve!