Thursday, June 19, 2014

Red, White and Blue - Stuffed Strawberries

Our week has flown by…perhaps this is just the speed of summer, with soccer, baseball and swim nearly everyday of the week, not to mention summer school, piano and guitar lessons and trying to sneak in a trip to the library.

Regardless of what we are doing, I always love to have healthy, fresh, summery treats around and thought I'd share this quick one with you, Red, White and Blue - Stuffed Strawberries.

Just start with some rinsed strawberries.  

I probably picked out some of the larger ones, more room for cool whip!  

Cored them and took a small slice off of the bottom so that they would stand up nicely.  

Just used a sandwich bag for piping after filling with cool whip and cutting off a small corner.  

I'm not much of a baker, but this piping stuff was fun!  

Then, Alayna and her friend did the honors of topping with the blueberries

I was kindly informed that they were NOT photo ready, so I had to just get their hands.  

And, just like that, the treats were ready! 

Luckily it didn't take much longer to make them than it took for them to be gobbled down!  

But, I'm not complaining, way better than lots of other things they could be eating.  

Strawberries - rinsed, cored and flat on the bottom
Whip cream 

Arrange the berries on a plate or platter, pipe in the whip cream and top with blue berries.

So easy, so fun!  
Perfect for the upcoming summer holidays!