Friday, May 9, 2014

Dried Cranberry Pistachio Goat Cheese

Need a quick idea for Mother's Day, a shower (nope, not the kind falling from the sky this morning) or upcoming get together with friends?

I've got just the answer for you…quick and simple Dried Cranberry Pistachio Goat Cheese.  

It's creamy!  It's tangy!  It's nutty!  What more could you ask for?!!?

This combination is quite the bouquet of flavors and textures, which is like a little piece of heaven in your mouth.

While we are talking about foods that are just meant to be together (see Spinach Artichoke Turkey Burgers)…Cranberry and Pistachio are another pair to add to that list.  I love how the crunchy, nutty pistachios compliment the chewy and tart dried cranberries.

You don't want to miss out on this!

And, of course, with only 3 ingredients, you can put it together soooo fast!  (In fact, I managed to squeeze it in between dinner and my volleyball game last night.)

Started by rough chopping 1 cup of dried cranberries and 1 cup of pistachios.  

Equal ratios would be important in a recipe like this and a rough chop is fine, so that there are a variety of sizes to cover the cheese.

The fruit and nuts were mixed together in my trusty breading (loaf) pan.  This gives a whole new perspective to my Coatings experience…many principles still apply, but no deep frying here.

Gently roll and press to get the fruit and nuts to stick to the goat cheese.

It really was just that easy!  (I actually spent way more time taking pictures than making the food!)



1 cup of dried cranberries
1 cup of pistachios
Goat Cheese


Roughly chop the cranberries and pistachios.
Mix into a pan for coating. 
Gently roll and press to get the fruit and nuts to stick. 

Serve immediately or roll up in plastic wrap to serve later or give as a gift.