Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spinach Blueberry Almond Smoothie

Just a quick entry today to share the versatility of smoothies and including super foods without notice, nothing better than getting all if the vitamins and nutrients from something as healthy as spinach without even knowing it is in there and nothing is lost to a cooking process.

The spinach left over from dinner last night was calling my name for lunch, but instead of a salad, I was inspired to put it into one of my time-honored favorite smoothies.

I also had some picked-over blueberries in the fridge, which is the perfect way to put those to use too.

Into the blender, I added spinach, fresh blueberries, yogurt, almonds and finally some milk, to bring it all together.

Almonds are one of my favorite smoothie wild cards, as I love the texture they offer once chopped up in the blender as well as the protein they bring to the smoothie.  I'll be honest, my biggest concern about smoothies, especially the ones you buy, are empty calories from sugary syrups.

There are just so many options when it comes to smoothies.  A banana would have been great in here as well, frozen blueberries instead of fresh would add a bit more texture, a few ice cubes could also help with that.

Juice is also another option instead of milk, whatever you have on hand.  Maybe I should try some almond milk next time. 

I have a few more smoothie recipes with secret super foods...avocados and cooked sweet potatoes, although the spinach seems to be my go-to ingredient because it is the most user-friendly (aka ready and waiting).

What is your smoothie super secret ingredient?